"... and if even a small spark of this power and dynamics leaps onto the viewer, then I find the work successful."



The effect of her works on the viewer plays a central role for the artist and designer Anna Goschin. Her figurative contemporary painting is a continuation of her successful career as a fashion designer. The expressive and colorful representation of female, at the same time self-confident and powerful female body arises from the direct examination of the nude model. Sketches resulting from the study of the body serve as the basis for her large-format painting, but have their independence due to the dynamics of the stroke. The safe handling of the line is based on the long experience of the nude study and enables a combination of drawing and painting components. The skillful interplay between different painting techniques, from pasty paint application in contrast to glazed surfaces, light drawing or dominant lines, bring tension to the work through contrast. Acrylic, graphite, oil sticks and spray paint serve as her painting medium. Due to the intense color, Anna Goschin focuses the viewer's gaze on the exciting situation.


Then as now, Anna Goschin was responsible for the conception and creation of well-known collections in Germany and abroad. When she first visited the European Academy of Fine Arts in Trier in the early 1990s, she began to develop her own style of expressive nude painting in constant interaction with contemporary artists. Anna Goschin presented her artistic works in the Basel Cultural Center (2001/2002), in the Montez Family Art Club in Frankfurt (2020) and currently in the group exhibition "Body, Color, Space" in the Art / OF Gallery in Offenbach and in the exhibition "THE GOOD; THE BAD AND THE UGLY" at the ARP gallery in Hanau.